This quick guide shows you how to manage your Settings page. The first
part of the Settings page is basic information required for each OnTask app user. This includes your name, phone number, email, and image.

1. To edit the information, tap on Edit.

2. You can also change your user image here by tapping the image itself. You can take a photo or attach a file.

3. When editing is complete, tap Update.

Can I turn off some functions?

The next part of the Settings page is the app Features. Here, you can toggle features on and off depending on your needs. This lets you limit the Features displayed in the app.

Can I change the Timer settings?

Yes, OnTask has a timer. In this section of the Settings page you can
set reminders, start recording time on arrival and decide whether to
report your location.

You can set a reminder based on a set durations from 15 mins to 4 hours, or if you change location.

You can run the timer manually or automatically. For this to work, you need to activate the location system on your device when OnTask is installed.

Can I track users?

OnTask also has a function where you can track users to see if they have arrived or left the task location. This function is called Report Location:

Report Location can be set to Never, Only on Key Events, and Key Events
& Every X Minutes. Key Events is the start and end time of the task

For Key Events & Every X Minutes option, it will report user’s location every X minute, where X depends on the configured value.

Is it possible to set my rates?

Yes, you can. This is the next part of the Settings page. You need to do this before starting your first task!

• Charge Rate Per Time Slot – rate to be charged per time slot.
• Length of Time Slot (minutes) – minutes per time slot.
• Call Out Fee – minimum charge for the first time slot.
• Min Charge – minimum fee that will be charged to the client.

How do I setup my invoice or quote details?

The last part of the Setting page is for Invoicing. Take some time to set up important details in this section. It will make your life easier when creating invoices. These settings can be applied to your Quotes

• Send Invoice To – this is where you set a default person to receive invoices (Client, Manager, Other).
• Manager Email – default email to use when sending invoices to Manager.
• Items to Include – toggle on or off items the items to include (Time, Tax, Note).
• Default Note – optional information you may want your clients to know.
• Tax Rate (%) – rate of tax that will be used when calculating the tax component of your quotes or invoices.
• Invoice From – The Contractor or Business name that will indicate the source of quotes and invoices.
• Invoice Footer – optional message for your clients or any further information you want to give them.
• ABN – for your Australian Business Number.

These can all show up on your Invoices and Quotes.