It is simple to create invoices in OnTask. The fields on an invoice are:

  • Task Name – Start typing to show a list of existing tasks or create a new one to invoice.
  • Client Name – Filled in automatically for an existing task, start typing to pick an existing client or type in the name of a new client.
  • Invoice For – this is automatically filled once you choose a Task but can be changed.
  • Send Invoice To – select who you want to send the invoice to. Tapping Other lets you enter a new email recipient for the invoice.
  • Include – this option lets you choose what to include on your invoice.
  • Add New Item – this is where your checklist items go. It consists of ITEM, NET, TAX, and GROSS.
  • Total – computed price for the whole task.
  • PREVIEW – once satisfied with the invoice you can preview the whole document before sending it.

How do I create Invoice?

1. On the Invoices page, click the plus icon on the upper right corner.




2. Complete all necessary fields.



3. Add items as necessary.



4. When ready, tap the PREVIEW button to view the invoice.



5. Tap the SEND button to email the invoice.


Can I send it to other emails?

Yes, you can send your invoices to the client, your manager or any other email address.

1. On New Invoice page, user can toggle Client, Manager, and Other on or off.
2. OnTask will default the addresses if possible. If not you can type it in.

Can I view it first before sending it?

Yes, you can preview an invoice before sending. It is OnTask procedure to
make sure all necessary details are correct before sending.
1. Tap the Preview icon at the bottom of the page.

2. Check if all information are correct.

3. Once satisfied, tap Send.

3a. If required to edit, tap the Back icon.

Yes, you can delete an invoice. On the Invoice page:

1. Press and hold the Invoice you want to delete, then swipe left.

2. Then tap the Delete button.

How can I view deleted entries?

Deleted entries can be viewed on the Invoice page. You just need to specify the date it was made or the date range.
1. Click the filter icon beside the date.



2. Tick the Show Deleted Records checkbox.


3. Tap OK.

4. All deleted entries within the specified date range will now show.

Is editing my invoice possible?

Yes, they can be edited.

1. On the Invoice page, select the entry you need to edit.



2. Tap the edit button in the upper right corner.



3. Edit the entry.

3a. When ready, tap Preview and then Resend.



4. If you change your mind while editing the entry, simply hit the Back icon in the upper left corner.