OnTask Portal

OnTask portal is the website version of the app. Everything we do in the app will be synced to the portal and vice versa. This means user can use their app account on the portal.

Logging in on OnTask portal

To login on the portal please go to and enter same login details used to sign up and in the app.


User can also create an account on the portal.

How to track team member?

1. On the dashboard, click Team Members below the map.

2. Dropdown field will show next to the checkboxes to select a team member.

3. User can also filter the date they want to see member’s whereabouts.

4. Team member’s icon will be represented by their initials. Blue line represents the movement of the member.

NOTE: This will only work if Report Location is set on the app. For more information about Report Location click here.

Can I locate or track task?

1. Same with the Team Member, click Open or Completed task checkbox.

2. It will be represented by an OnTask icon.

What is in the calendar?

The calendar on the dashboard shows all tasks that is available on a specified date range. eg Days, Week and Month.



Calendar can be set to Days, Week and Month by selecting it on a Select View dropdown.



User can also add a task entry by clicking the plus icon located on the other end of the screen.



Navigating days, weeks and months is also possible by clicking the forward and backward icon located below the plus icon.

How to add an entry?

This method is applicable to all tables.
1. Go to table you wish to add an entry.


2. Click the plus icon.


3. Fill in necessary details and click Save.


NOTE: We can also add an entry on the dashboard located on the calendar. For more information on adding task via calendar click here.

Can I edit an entry?

Same with adding an entry this is applicable to all tables

1. Go to table you wish to edit an entry.


2. Click edit icon on the selected entry.


3. Once done editing click Save.

Can I delete an entry?

Yes, and this method is also applicable to all tables.
1. On the table you wish to delete an entry, tick the checkbox.

2. If you wish to delete all entries on a page, tick the checkbox aligned to the header.

3. After ticking checkbox/es, click the trash icon next to add icon.


4. Pop up box will appear where user needs to input the reason for deleting entry or entries.


5. If user wish to delete everything that is in the table just tick the checkbox under the OK Cancel. Be careful on using that checkbox.

Where to add a team member?

Adding team member requires the user to have an Administrator user role. And needs to upgrade to a Team Version.
1. Head over to admin menu and click Team Members.


2. If user is not yet subscribed, user must upgrade to a team version.


3. Once subscribed, click the plus icon.


4. Fill in all details and click Save.